Palace spring second new wave coming this week officially on sale when the passenger information inf - New Shoes Release 2017
Palace officially announced the new spring and summer second wave selling time on the official Instagram, and key projects this should belong to the white Palazzo Jersey, and Palace in the season also brought in Blondey McCoy and Lucien Clarke shooting squad catalog, not too weak.

, and if you don't expect the selling time to be unexpected, it will be in March 17th. Don't miss a friend who is interested!

APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! , when foreign media visited Cannondale's headquarters, took pictures of many bicycles, including prototype cars, concept cars, convoys, tanks, and some custom car drivers that used only one time. In fact, Canondale and GT share offices, so foreign media report them separately.

this is the Cannondales crazy pneumatic concept car, the front wheel uses "inline skates" styling. Of course you want to know how it works
"two words, terrible."!" The living Cannondale historian, the product marketing director, said, "have you ever seen" high intelligence formula racing "? With ausrada, it has a set of connecting handlebar and skate wheel mechanical steering system. When you turn the car, the wheels turn in series to turn. This is a prototype that attempts to improve aerodynamic efficiency by eliminating large rotating front wheels. I know you're going home to put your skates in your car, but you know, at the same time, it eliminates the major source of bicycle stability. The only person I've ever seen successfully riding him is Libor Karas." connects the wire cores of the skateboard wheels with slightly different momentum for each wheel. These small hoses go straight into the axle Foreign media think they may need bearing coolant, but the reality is brutal, and no one has ever actually ridden such a long time or so fast. You must also ask how the front brakes are solved. It is said to use a small drum brake. this is a limited edition commuter bike (which looks like Bad Boy) using a left-handed, Headshox, front fork, and right-handed drive system that integrates the rear fork. , do you really think Cannodale didn't want to use left handers and aerodynamic elements in road vehicles? Naive! This is a pneumatic flat road concept car using an integrated, vertical and left-handed front fork design! Xiao Bian think in this road car brake over time, it can be considered Cannondale production.

most good things happen for innovation. This is Cannondale introduced the market's first rear shock frame, mountain bike, using a simple rough single point after the shock absorber structure.

halfway through a modern frame. The Flash frame uses chrome coating, and Cannondale says the coating process is very expensive. (the Flash in the picture seems to be still not in mass production at the end, but in the 17 year, a Super Six Evo HM) was introduced

somehow, there's Schwinn> at the Cannondale headquarters
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